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ITEMS ARE SHIPPED 2 DAYS AFTER PAYPAL VERIFIED. About physical condition of my used or new game consoles or Accessories/Games With all of my items I sell, what you see is pretty much what you get. Now this should be common sense to most of you buyers but if an item is factory sealed, then that means it comes with an instruction manual and a mint conditioned video game item inside. But you will only see the factory sealed item, and not the game, or manual, because it is factory sealed, and I can't take a picture of the item inside because if I do so, then the item will no longer be factory sealed, which will reduce it's value. However, if a game I sell isn't factory sealed, then I try to list all my items by what you see in the pictures I have provided for you. What you see in the pictures I have provided, is what you are going to get. So if you see a video game case, a video game manual, and the video game CD, or DVD, then that's what you will be getting when the item arrives to your door step. If you receive anything more, then consider it a bonus. If you do not see a manual, then you will not be receiving a manual. If you don't see an original game case, then you will not receive an original game case. So Please Do Not automatically make pre-conceived assumptions of what you will be getting from me on an item you are bidding on. If you must make an assumption, then assume that you will not get an instructions manual if you don't see one in the listing, and not the other way around. And assume an item does not have what you want it to have if you choose not to email me to ask about it, and you do not see it. I have had a few buyers make assumptions after they purchased an item from me. And so I would like to make sure that this point is clearly understood by all of my potential buyers. This is especially true if you are meticulous video games collector. About video game blemishes markings stickers & scratches on carts and DVD-CD based video games Again another downfall of buying a used video game, is that they have their cosmetic blemishes. Cartridges, or cart based video games, (NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, etc.) tend to have sticker blemishes, markings, written names of previous owners, un-wanted scratches somewhere on the cart, rattling noises when you shake some video games, etc. And most of the time, these blemishes are on the back. I don't take pictures of the back of video game cart because I unfortunately don't have the time to do so. Taking pictures, cropping them, and listing over 100 pictures a week really does take a lot of time. And doing so with the back will only double the amount of time it takes for me to list items. Thus I will only write the particular blemish of a video game cart has on the back if I remember to check the back at the time of my listing a video game item, or if I feel it is very significant to do so. But I may very easily forget to do so, even if it's very significant looking damage on the back. So if you are a buyer that cares about such a blemish then email me and ask me BEFORE YOU BUY PLEASE. Again, please don't automatically make assumptions of what you will be getting from me on an item you are bidding on based on something you don't see. If you must make an assumption, then assume the worst about what the back looks like and not the best if you choose not to email me to ask about it. The above is especially true if you are a collector. The same is true for a DVD or CD based video game too. (Game Cube, Playstation 1 & 2 video games, Xbox Games, etc.) All though these games don't tend to have as many sticker markings on the actual CD video game, the case holding them might. So the same rule applies to CD based games. Furthermore, these CD and DVD video games often times have their share of unwanted scratches. So if you are a buyer that hates scratches, then please ask me about it via email, BEFORE YOU BID ON MY ITEM. Consequently if you choose to not ask me about scratches on a game before you bid because you are in a hurry, or you just don't have the time to read much of this, and you must make an assumption about rather or not a game I am selling has scratches, then please assume that the game I am selling also has it's share of scratches too. I can't be any more honest about the potential condition of my used video games I am selling and what it is you are buying from me then what I have disclosed to you in the previous few paragraphs. All of this information should cut down on the number of neutral and negative feedback remarks I will potentially be getting had I not otherwise disclosed this information to you. So there should be no surprises on your part as a buyer, or on my part as a seller. About The Functionality of My Used & New Video Games. All of my games and systems have been cleaned , tested and are guaranteed to function properly or your money back. Keep in mind that I primarily sell used games, and so every now and then a used game is liable to present some kind of problem I may not be aware of. So if a game doesn't work, you may not get your money back! I take extraoridinary time to verify that the item works prior to shipping (other than factory sealed systems) If there is any problem with any game or system I sell, please let me know so that we may try to work things out. . This goes without saying, but please DONT BUY if you can't pay. It causes me to miss other potential sales and just all around makes for a bad experience for everyone. If you have a problem, let me know... And I will see what I can do to make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with your purchase. SHIPPING AND HANDLING Now please pay attention to my shipping policies because I have added more detailed and important information describing how it is I deal with the shipping process. But the bottom line is this; Its FAIR!!! About How I Ship Items And when to expect your shipped item at your doorstep. 99.99 % of the time, I ship USPS Mail. USPS is the only shipping service close to me, and I have all of their procedures memorized. Furthermore, it's less expensive for me to ship USPS mail as opposed to using some other shipping service. Everyone runs their business the way they would like to, and if anyone is unhappy with the rates I charge, then that individual is perfectly free to shop with anyone on the internet that will make him or her happy. This is what I love about the United States of America. We all have choices, and if we don't like something, then we are free to find a business partner that will indeed make us happy! So if an item weighs around 13.0 ounces or less than your item will be shipped USPS first class mail, which usually takes around 2-7 days average business days to ship within the United States. Sometimes it's a little longer if you are all the way on the East coast or on an island that's a providence of the United States. The closer you are to me, the swifter the odds that your item will get shipped to you faster. However, if your item weighs over 13.0 ounces, Usually around (3-4 video games or more, or one or more strategy guides of the like) then it will be shipped USPS media mail which usually takes a anywhere from 7-21 business days depending on where you live in relation to me. ( Media mail items primarily deals with video games, systems sometimes, and strategy guide books.) So if you do want a shipping service that is a little faster than media mail and you wanna buy right away, and if you know your item weighs over 13 ounces, then make sure you let me know that you want a faster service before I ship it off to you. You will pay more if the shipping cost is significantly higher with a much faster service for heavier items, so keep that in mind if time is of extreme importance to you with shipping. So remember, if you are far away are somewhere near the east coast, then a media mail shipped item has a minimum wait time of 21-business days and on rare occasions even longer approaching the lengths of five to six weeks in extreme but rare time measures once the item is shipped off. So keep this in mind if you decide you want to buy a lot of video games from me and if receiving all of these items by a certain day and time is of primary importance to you. Now confirmations are also provided to all U.S. buyers. USPS charges $.55 cents for Delivery Confirmations,. ALL BUYERS GET CONFIRMATION FROM ME!!! NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU!!! I will send your item to a Paypal verified address only and will get confirmation that it was delivered to your confirmed site. What happens to that package once it gets to your address is not my issue. My responsibility ends when it gets delivered. (Actually when it is shipped out from my business). Thus you buyers in these other countries need not worry about the above paragraph because all items being sent to you will be flown, and it generally takes about a 1 weeks to 3 weeks for your item to arrive to you if you live in one of these countries outside of the United States. Except in the case of a Canadian custom holding on to an item, which would be something I have no control over. (So if an item is shipped to Canada and it happens to be one of those rare item that takes a while to get to you, then remember that you must wait a minimum of ten (10) weeks first before you may get that item. But on average, and for the most part don't be surprised if it ends up being around 14 or so business days to arrive in Canada. And if on a rare occasion it takes a longer amount of time to get to you in Canada, then you bet that the Canadian customs probably has it for some reason or another. Remember, I generally ship within 1-5 business days of a cleared or complete payment. Before I get into shipping rates, I first would like to make this important point very clear. I reserve the right to decide not to ship off any items to any person who does not live at a location that has a confirmed address on PAYPAL . In order to be protected under ebay and pay-pal's protection policy, shipping to a confirmed address is imperative. So if I feel shipping an item to you is too risky, and you don't live within a confirmed address, then keep this in mind because I can choose to sell it to another bidder that does meet this requirement if I choose to do so. I will only ship to the United States and Canada, Germany, France, and Japan. I have opened up my shipping policy to include the countries of France, Germany, and Japan. . All people who buy must pay with Pay Pal, and Pay Pal only. No otherr form of payment will be accepted. I now only accept pay-pal from everyone. So I would strongly advise that anyone who wants to buy any of my items get a pay-pal account first before you bid on anything I sell, to avoid all of the wasted time and confusion beforehand if you are an individual who wants to purchase something from me! About insurance on shipped items Any one who wants insurance added to any items purchased, US residents only, will have to add an additional $1.50 if you want insurance, which will always be optional. Insurance on a shipped item will not be available to Canadian, German, French or Japanese residents because it is extremely expensive to do so. ANY QUESTIONS? YOU CAN SKYPE me on SKYPE.COM @ Superclassicvideogames or you can email me at Communication is the key to a happy transaction. Please feel free to ask questions or more request more information about a specific product. We want to make the customer happy, since this whole endeavor centers around your satisfaction. We hope to be a key instrument in bringing you some quality products in the near future. Thank you for your business in advance.

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