"Not that bad of a tactical game"

When I think of tactical games, I normally think of games like Ghost Recon, Rainbox Six, Conflict Desert Storm 2, etc. Then when SWAT came out, my one friend got it, and we spent a few hours fooling around with it. Although it is not the best tactical game I have ever played, it's pretty good. Read on...

Game play: The basic layout of the game is that you run around, taking down terrorists, while avoiding civilian casualties. Of course, the different scenarios make it more interesting. In one mission, you just try to take out all the terrorists, while in another mission, you have to disarm a bomb while other terrorists enter the room and attempt to stop you. This game can get pretty hard at times, but it's not too bad. The multiplayer makes the game great, as there are ten unique co-op missions for you to take on. And they are great. The enemy AI is very good too. If you fire consistently at their limbs, they will eventually surrender, allowing you to arrest them (although your character has an unlimited amount of handcuffs). And if they get really afraid, they'll just throw their hands up, such as when they get surprised from the back, or you just start shouting at them to drop their weapon. Also, you have to obey the Rules of Engagement, which, in laymen's terms, means don't shoot the civilians. You do too many times, and the mission ends in failure. Not always a good thing. As for the weapons, there aren't many. I think that there should have been more. Only an assault rifle, machine gun, and sniper rifle. That's it, besides the armada of grenades. But I guess those are the only weapons the SWAT team uses, but this is a video game, and hey, you could put more in if you wanted to. But oh well.
Game play Rating: 9

Control: Nice controls here. You can bust down doors, toss a grenade through a slightly opened one, just open it normally, have people surrender by shouting at them, disarm bombs, and other anti-terrorist things. Other than that, it's just normal controls for a FPS.
Control Rating: 8

Graphics: Very nicely detailed graphics. Of course, they are normal for a FPS. Although the weapons could have had a little more detail to them, but that's the major drawback. Otherwise, the game's detail is average. Not much to say.
Graphics Rating: 8

Sound: Your typical FPS sounds as well. Shooting, guys crying out in pain, hostages shouting for help, you shouting for cooperation, etc. Nothing real spectacular here, either.
Sound Rating: 7

Longevity: This game may have you playing it for a little while, due to the fact that there are a good deal of missions to complete. And the multiplayer missions double the rating. So you may be a little occupied with this game, but probably not if you don't have a friend to play it with. 

Longevity Rating: 7

Replayability: There is some replayability, as in to get medals. Not like it does much, but it's mainly just bragging rights. Other than that, there really isn't much replayability, unless you like the multiplayer free-for-alls.
Replayability Rating: 6

Overall, a typical FPS game, with a few extras. Not a bad rental game for a weekend, but don't expect to keep you busy for a week or two.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10

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