"THQ is back and better than ever with this new wrestling game for the PS2!"

THQ first failed with WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It. By having horrible game play, story mode, create a wrestler, graphics and matches. When I first head about this game, Iíd though itíd be another failure just like WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It was. Wow, I was wrong. WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth is not an improved version of Just Bring It, itís a whole new game. Everything in this game is better. And I mean everything is better. Storylines have been improved, so have the matches and the graphics. This is the WWF No Mercy killer, which I thought was never possible.

Graphics: 10/10

Well, the WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It mostly looked like it had plastic graphics and not actual 3D models for the game. They didnít even look realistic. WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth has mostly all the wrestlers from the 2002 era and they look amazing. First off, let me say that the graphics in this game are perfect. Every wrestler looks like they did or still do on TV. Maybe some donít, but a lot of them do. The stage sets have been very improved. In Just Bring It, the stage sets didnít really look all that great. In Shut Your Mouth, they look perfect. The RAW stage looks the same as it does on TV, some goes for the Smackdown! stage. But, some of the pay per view sets donít really look like they did when you saw them. Since THQ had to make some up, they still look fine. Entrance videos are authentic, which is good. The backstage environments are a lot better too. Iíll list some of the wrestlers and point out how realistic they look.

Booker T Ė Probably and by far, the most realistic looking character in the game. THQ captures his facial expressions, the way he looks and the consent look in his eyes. I have never seen a wrestler in a video game look as realistic as Booker T does.

Chris Jericho Ė Perfect! Simply perfect. Jericho may well be the 3rd best character model in this game. His attires look like what he would wear on RAW. His facial expressions are priceless. Bad mouthing all of the wrestlers, when kicking the crap out of them.

Rob Van Dam Ė Wow, THQ made Rob Van Dam look very realistic in this game. His attires are probably the best in the game. There are two of them, so donít worry about just having one. I prefer the second attire myself.

Game Play and Control: 10/10

Everything runs very smooth in this game. The moves actually look realistic and they connect in a good way. It isnít as fast as WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It. Which is what I wanted. The moves look real and authentic. Like the moves that you would see off of WWE RAW or Smackdown! But, there are more moves to unlock throughout season mode. So donít worry about having the same moves all the time when you create a wrestler. The matches in Shut Your Mouth are very much improved from Just Bring It. Well, mostly every single match is better. The tables, ladders and chairs match is probably the best. Instead of just having 2 tables, 1 ladder and 1 chair in the other game, you get more weapons for that match in this game. You can even pull weapons out from underneath the ring, which is awesome.

The hardcore matches in this game have vastly improved from Just Bring It. More of the backstage areas are actually interactive. Say you go on top of a car, you can slam your opponent through it. Or throwing your opponent in an ambulance, then he goes flying away as it blows up. In season mode, you can unlock more backstage areas. Which is good for a change. The Hell in a Cell match is the most improved out of all the matches. They cage isnít attached to the ring anymore, since it was before. This time its actually spread farther away from the ring. You can even throw your opponent off of it!

Controls are simple in this game. Mostly the same as the other Smackdown games. X is to strike your opponent, like kicking or punching them. The square button is to block moves and punches. If you press this button a lot while someone grapples you, you can eventually reverse the move. The triangle button is to run. If you run towards the turnbuckle, you can go onto it. Then press the X button with or without one of the directional buttons to nail an attack on your opponent. The circle button is the grapple button. Just press it with one of the directional arrows to use a move. Or get them groggy to do another move. If you press it just by itself, you can Irish whip the opponent into the ropes. Want to remove the turnbuckle pad? No problem. Just go up to it and press R1, to remove it. The R2 button is to focus on an other opponent while in a match with more than one. The L1 button is for your special and the L2 button is too taunt. If you have a weapon, you can use it on them. By pressing X or circle + up, down, left or right to do a DDT on them.

Season, Create a Wrestler and Music: 10/10

Way improved over Just Bring Itís season mode. This time you actually have story lines, not made up ones. Like the nWo returning, to name one. Also, you can choose different things to say or do. For instance, you can choose to punch someone in the face or just to ignore them. Also, you can unlock different things at pay per views. Which is cool. Like alternate attires, create a wrestler parts and arenas. The music in the game is way better to, same with the sound effects. No real problems here.

Create a wrestler is way improved over Just Bring Itís create wrestler mode. The created wrestlers actually look real, not plastic. This is the cool thing, you have 40 layers for creating a wrestler. In Just Bring It you only had 24, which was a big let down. One thing I like the most is you can put patterns on their faces, so you can make them look like they are bleeding or something.

Replayability: 10/10

If you like wrestling or really love it, youíll really want to play this game again. After the first time youíll be addicted to it, like I was. This is a good way to waste time. By creating wrestlers, completing season mode and whooping your friends asses in exhibition mode.

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