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Yes, you read that correctly. I did give budokai 2 a 9 out of 10. And I'm more than willing to bet that everyone wants to know why. Well, I'll tell you why. You see, game critic's now a days have seem to forgotten how to review a game. Reviews are no longer based on how fun the game is. Instead, they are based on the reviewers opinion of what the game is missing, and what it could have done better. That right there is wrong, a reviewers job is to explain to the readers why the game is fun or not. And that's what I am going to do.


Lets start out with the visuals. The most obvious improvement from the first budokai, is most definitely its amazingly accurate visuals. It's like this, the problem with budokai 1's graphics, was that although they were smooth and nice looking, they just didn't make you feel like you were playing with the dbz cartoons. What it felt like was playing with dbz action figures. The models were of average quality, and did not give off that dragonball Z feel. Budokai 2 is different. Not only does it feel like you are controlling the actual characters from the show, but the cell shaded graphics are so accurate, that you would swear you were watching it from time to time. Now that right there is called quality. Another noticeable improvement in the graphics is the very high quality of the beam attacks. I can honestly say that my jaw drops on almost every ultimate attack in the game. Each one is unique and fits it's character perfectly. And of course I can't forget the stages. Although they are not a gigantic leap from the first budokai, they are a big improvement. The environments are much more interactive, and there are much more interesting levels. All of which are featured in the show at one point or another, with maybe the exception of one or two. In short, the graphics are great. They perfectly represent dbz, and I love that.


The sound in budokai 2 has also improved considerably since the first budokai. My favorite part about the sound in budokai 2 is that once again, all the original voice actors return to act as their tv counterparts. This brings such a new level of involvement into the game. Hearing the real voice of Vegita saying, ''Final Flash!'' and then watching an extremely detailed yellow beam erupt from his hands is an excitement I can't describe. Not to mention that it looks like I am watching the show do to the fact that he looks so real. Anyway, back to the sound. The other sound effects in the game are good, but not great. They do represent the true style of dbz, but there just aren't enough of them. The lack of sound effects really isn't a big deal though. Because when you think about it, there really isn't a very wide variety of sound effects in the show itself. And we all know that the this factor does not make the quality of the show any worse, so why should it make the game worse? It doesn't, and it shouldn't.


Although Budokai 2's gameplay is simple to start with, and may require mad button mashing, alot of practice and effort will reward you with superior skills. There are also many more powerful beam and special attacks in this version, which means it's not just mostly about hand to hand combat anymore. Of course hand to hand combat is a big part of the game, but big explosions, cool cut sequences, and colorful beams, also share a vital role in budokai 2's gameplay. Budokai 2 may not be as in depth as tekken or soul calibur, but it is still just as much or more fun than both. Why you ask? Well, like I mentioned before, colorful beams, cool cut scenes, and big explosions are constantly appearing. And I don't know about you, but all of those things if used the right way, will more than likely make a game more fun to play. And that is exactly what they do. Lets get to the new story mode replacement. Lets face it, story mode was cool, and it was a good way to further immerse you into the world of dbz. But, play this game, and you'll soon learn that story mode isn't the only way you can feel like you are in the world of dbz. The new dragon world mode is a very innovative approach to making the dbz world come alive. It basically involves you and a few other fighters on a board game like screen. You make ur way through the various levels, while collecting capsules, dragonballs, characters, etc. It is, in my opinion, a great way to go about collecting items. Cause that is alot of what the game is about. Collecting items. There are tons and tons of capsules that can be gained, and it may take you well over 40 hours to collect them all. This aspect gives the game great replay value, and makes you feel like you are actually getting something done. It also gives you something to look forward to. I for one would be willing to go through the entire game just to get a dragonball, or a super saiyan capsule, or a earn able character. The fusion capsules are very cool, and there are actually 5 total fusions attainable in the game. I will not spoil them for you though.


Well, thats about it for my review. I'm tired, and I can't think of anything else to write. I am pretty sure I covered all the important aspects of budokai 2, and what makes it so much fun. Know this, if you are a dbz fan, you must buy this game. It is a must, and it cannot be avoided. It is significantly better than the first, and it will give you hours and hours of pure dbz joy. For those of you who are just fighting genre fans, and are looking for a very indepth and combo filled fighting game, than this may not be the right game for you. However, some are incline to disagree, I myself believe that this game provides plenty of good replay value, and a simple yet rewarding fighting system. And like I mentioned before, the beam attacks, and super fast combos are very cool to watch over and over again. And with such a wide variety, you are guaranteed to have fun watching them for hours and hours and hours. Have fun.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10

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