"Definately the greatest DBZ game of all time!!!"

This is perhaps, no, THE most exciting DBZ game out in the world today, and the best thing is, there's enough USA copies to go around! I have heard several good and bad things about this game, so I prayed for it to be an outstanding game. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

STORY - 10

VERY VERY GOOD! It follows the DBZ storyline 100% accurately. There isn't a lot else to say about it, but if you've seen DBZ from Radditz up until the Cell Games, then you'll know what goes on exactly. However, if you don't know anything about DBZ, not only will this be a readers digest version of the first 3 sagas, but it will possibly get you interested in watching the actual anime or reading the manga.


The controls are very easy to control. If you have ever played DBZ: Legends, then you'll sense a similar feel to it. The fights are made fast paced and very exciting. Not like DBGT Final Bout. Its quick and action packed like Legends. Like in legends, you can only move towards or away from your opponent. there is no jumping or crouching. The only way to start flying is if you hit your opponent up in the air, or vice versa. The buttons you press each do a different command. One to fire a ki blast, one to punch, one to kick, and one to block. You can also set your controller to make the 2 non-usable buttons (L1 and L2 by default) do something. You can make one the ''transform'' button and the other the ''taunt'' button so you dont have to hit 3 buttons at once. Blocking is more fun to do this time. Why? Because when a ki blast is fired at you, you can block at the last moment to hit the ki blast away from you, or even deflect it back at your opponent! Very cool! The only downside is trying to perform a special attack. In Dragon Ball Final Bout, you can perform a special move at any time, but in Budokai, you have to pull off a special combo. When you hit your opponent with at least the last part of your combo, the special move that is supposed to be used will be used and if its a huge one, it cant be blocked. The combos are short and not hard to pull off and a lot of the combos are the same for every character. This is also the first time you can actually transform in mid battle. Transforming requires a certain ''Ki level.'' Usually 4. Whenever you meet the required level, you can transform at will into another form, which raises your power and defense. Certain moves can only occur during a certain form. When transformed, your ki slowly decreases, but as long as you keep hitting your opponent or charging up (which is done by holding block and tapping back twice) then your ki level will keep rising. you can be knocked out of a form if your ki level gets too low and you are knocked out on your back, but you can always transform again when your ki level is raised.


WOW! Simply WOW! The cell shading style of this game really helps the characters look like their anime counterparts. They dont look at all ''blocky'' or pixelated. The Backgrounds are also very nice. In some backgrounds, after a huge attack is performed, the background can change to look like a wasteland. A very nice touch I must say. The looks of the energy beams are also very nicely done. Everything is superb.


The sound is excellent. The attacks and effects all sound the way they should be, but the problem that causes the grade to be slightly lover is the voices. All the popular voices are there, but there are few that seem rather different. One big one I must point out is Captain Ginyu. Funimation did his voice, and the narrator is also the voice of Ginyu, but why is it that his voice is different in this game? It just isn't right. Recoom's voice seems to have changed slightly I think, but I guess it seems different since most of us heard his other voice actor before funimation took over. At least the other 3 members of the ginyu force had correct funimation voices. the only problem there is that, THEY AREN'T PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! What a rip off. The voice of Nappa from funimation was kept, but it still doesn't sound right. Dodoria's voice is changed obviously, but for the better. Zarbon's voice, however, is worse. Raditz is still good. Android 19 is different, and still as annoying as ever. Now, I must say that the biggest and most stupid problem is...Cell's voice. Yes Cell. He does have the same voice acting and his voice is great during the cutscenes, but during fights, regardless what form he's in, Cell has the voice of first form Cell. Personally, you can get used to it, but its still rather stupid. Zarbon has the same problem. His voice doesn't change when he turns monster form, but who wants to play as Zarbon anyway? All and all, the sounds and voices are ok. Hopefully if a sequel is made, these problems will be fixed.


The music in this game has both good and bad points. Most of the songs are very good. I cant stop liking the BGM of the Namek stage. But there are a few songs that arent as good, but the biggest problem I see is at the beginning during the opening. What the heck is that?! ''Rock the Dragon?!'' Why are they using THAT?! That's not a funimation song at all. They used their own opening song, but they put ''Rock the Dragon'' back?! I dont understand why, but it could have been worse. The best thing though is, you can skip the whole intro ^_^.


I cant imagine anyone not wanting to get back to playing this game. Its very challenging and you can customize fighters to have the moves of your choice (as long as your fighter can USE the moves). You can trade skills and custom fighters with your friends and there are several extras to unlock. Its not the LONGEST game, but it IS a fighting game so there isn't really supposed to be a lot of length to it. The tournament mode is one of my favorites. you'll have fun with that for a while.

Buy or Rent - DEFINITE BUY...if you're a DBZ fan. If you're not, you probably might actually overlook this game, but you should still play it because if you do, you might become interested in DBZ and watch the anime.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10

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