Dragon Force Working Designs 1996 75 percent (Extremely Collectible)

"If you love this game, Gimme a HELL YEAH!"

Alright, so let me just start this review off by saying that this game goes a little insane. That's a good thing. After about 20 minutes of gameplay, once the intro sequence has finished, you're completely addicted to the game. The intro is insane in itself with a funky narrator giving a little bit of background history on Legendra. For fans of Japanese Animation (Anime), it's a really good video sequence. Not going to spoil any story here, but this is pretty much the game, minus all story elements. You are on a continent called Legendra, and it has gone to war. You have to choose one of the nations of Legendra and procede to fight to unite the continent under your rule. You are the Ruler of the nation that you select, and the story will change depending on which ruler you choose to start the game with. The music is very very good, and I've even downloaded it myself. The battle system does have some RPG elements which I found very good. You fight, and hopefully win the battles. Each battle won gives the fighting general experience which go towards level up. Level ups increase different stats, and the generals gain extra spells at level 5 and level 10. During Diplomatic affairs, once the week has ended, you can give awards to the fighting generals to increase the number of troops that they can use. I'd tell you about the story, but that would contain spoilers so I'm not going to bother risking it. Let me just tell you this now. The story IS VERY VERY GOOD. This is one of the very best Saturn games, and should be in the collection of all Saturn owners.. this is a MUST HAVE!

Let's recap...
The story: is amazing, and very involving. With all the different countries to choose from, 2 of which are only available after beating the game, it has lots of replay value..
The Gameplay: While you don't get to directly control the troops in battle, you can send generals wherever you want them to go. You have full control over who you give items to and who fights. You can control the general's troops to a certain extent during battle.
The Sound: There is no sweeter game music. The game music is pretty insane when it comes down to it. Choosing a different class of general to fortify a castle changes the music played there during battle.. You can battle in towns, in mountains, or on dusty trails.. Everywhere has different music.. IT's just plain amazing!
So, would I recommend getting this game? In a heartbeat. If you have a Saturn, and don't have this game, go out and get it immediately.. If you don't want to get it after renting it.. what are you thinking?

Reviewer's Score: 10/10
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