Cosmic Avenger Coleco 1982 19 percent (Very Common)

"A good Super Cobra clone."

Overview- I guess I can't blame a game company for point blank copying a decent game. Cosmic Avenger is a blatant copy of Konami's Scramble Super Cobra games but not done up to SC's standards to say the least. Thankfully it's still surprisingly good for a clone and it's well worth the shelf space it takes up since it has a few new game play ideas tossed in for good measure like underwater stages where your ship transforms into a submarine.

Long story short, I finally broke the Colecovision out again and to my dismay my Super Action Controllers weren't working properly and I was stuck using the standard CV sticks and they are tough to play this game with because both fire buttons are needed, one shooting and one for bombs.

Game Play- I decide to embark and the sole mission of racking up a high score for yet another classic game and found to my liking that the long suffering of using Coleco's clunky controls paid off and the game became quite enjoyable.

Super Cobra is a fairly in depth horizontal shooter even for its time and Cosmic Avenger thankfully retains that depth as well. Both buttons on the controller are utilized here, one to shoot your guns and the other to drop bombs, and it at least gains a point there since most games didn't use more than one button. Now I'm going to have to name some of the game's shortcomings. To start things off the scrolling is very choppy, the enemies move and look fine but there is about half of the needed frames to make the game scroll properly causing some moments of nausea. The game doesn't have quite the variety of Super Cobra, each stage you finish in that game you are treated to another with new backgrounds and it is laid out differently; this game has you start out over land and then in some mountains and finishing in a cave before recycling with pallet swapped colors and backgrounds. If you persist, there are some later stages that take place underwater and that's a nice change of pace.

Graphics- One of the other annoyances for me, and this applies to many games on the Colecovision, is that the colors and backgrounds are too bright and pastel looking in appearance. I would have liked to see the colors darkened a notch or two to give the game a more realistic and sci-fi feel to them. Aside from that, there is a lot of detail here and the stages were always good looking and never became tedious to look at, another plus for the game.

Sound- My third and final complaint about the game is the audio, there is no music and the sounds are extremely high pitched and quite annoying, especially the bomb which is completely unfitting for a shooter game. It became pretty annoying early on and I found myself wanting to turn some music on instead of listening to this game's sounds.

Conclusion- I know you're thinking that this game seems pretty bad after all the ribbing I just gave it but it's the opposite. The game has some flaws but remains a solid and enjoyable game at heart but it didn't have the addictiveness of Super Cobra. I come back to this game off and on but I still have to admit that this game far under utilized the CV's strengths. If given the choice I would still play Super Cobra as it's clearly the superiorly programmed game and it had more variety in the game play but this clone will do you just fine too.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10


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