Gorf Coleco 1983 48 percent (Sought After)

"Another win for the Colecovision."

Overview- Most companies rip one idea off and make a game off that one idea and sometimes they work, sometimes not. Gorf definitely borrows ideas but it borrows about four different game's ideas and throws them into one game. If you ask me, this game breaks free from the “me too” plague and comes out pretty darn good. The Colecovision got the best version of this nifty little game, easily overcoming the horrid flaws of the Atari 2600 and 5200 versions which are vastly butt ugly and unplayable. It's one major setback is the omission of the 3rd stage from the original arcade (every version is missing this stage due to licensing so I can't fault the Colecovision too much for this). Aside from that, this game is great to play.

Game Play- The coolest thing about Gorf is the variety of game play in each of the stages; stage 1 the “Space Invaders” clone has you shooting the rows of enemies transcending upon you, instead of rocks for shields you have a dome shaped barrier that the enemies can slowly destroy. Once you finish that stage and It's off to stage 2 the Galaxian style stage; the enemies come down in clusters and different enemies have different attacks from dive bombing to lasers. Stage three is a Space Warp resembling Gyruss minus the 360 degree control, destroy a set number of enemies and it's off to the last stage. Stage 4 is probably the most unique of them all, there is a mother ship who has a dome barrier around it and it flies back and forth and fires at you. The ship will only be destroyed by hitting the solid red core in the center, so you could essentially blow the whole ship to dust and still not destroy it. Finish it all and it starts over harder and there are more enemies present.

Graphics- The graphics are quite detailed and are good looking for the CV but there is some areas where they could have a tad more detail, but that is more an observation that a flaw.

Sound- Unfortunately, there are some flaws that take this down from being a perfect game most notably with the sound effects. The music and the explosions are quite cool to listen to but there is no sound from the enemy movement or enemy fire which lessens the intensity of the game and makes the game just feel like it's missing something.

Conclusion- Gorf was a fairly popular game for its time; while never gaining the momentum of Galaxian or Space Invaders, it still left its mark and got a release on at least a half dozen consoles of the day so it's not without it's merits. Those of you looking for a shooter fix need look no further than Gorf. The Colecovision has the best version this side of the arcade so grab a copy and whatever you do, stay away from the ports released on Atari's consoles, those will leave a pretty awful taste in your mouth.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10


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