Boulder Dash JVC 1990 38 percent (Uncommon)

"Squishing butterfly's and getting rich!"

Introduction: Boulder dash was released on many platform's in the last couple of decades, so it's no wonder it came out on the Nes, in any case on with the review!

Story: Rockford, a young miner was at home caring for his sick father Stoneford, when suddenly Stoneford gave Rockford a map. He said the map was to a mine full of gem's that he discovered on his last adventure. Doing what anybody would do, Rockford forgot about pop's and left for the riches! okay, Rockford is an ass, but he is also the most realistic Nes hero ever! And for that, story gets an 8/10

Gameplay: the game is played from a side scrolling view and the objective is to get as many gem's as you need to open the exit. even though you play from a side scrolling view the game looks as it is top down! This of course can confuse a beginner into thinking that he is safe under that boulder with grave consequences for Rockford! Also monsters litter the caves and all it takes is one touch to send Rockford ''on his way''. Boulder dash is almost unique in the fact that it is one of the few ''non tetris'' puzzle games for the nes. Overall the game play gets a 10/10!

Control: Boulder dash has simple, but solid controls, the d-pad moves you around and A will let you push block's and pick up gem's without moving, you can also kill yourself by holding B and A together. even though the controls are simple Rockford can be erratic at time's! It's been many a time in my early day's of playing this game that I sent Rockford to his doom! I give control a 8/10

Visuals: Boulder dash has pretty good bright Visuals typical of a early 90's Nes game. Everything is can be recognized with ease with the exception of the monsters(Snow mole or penguin?). The level's change there look as you progress trough the game from snow to desert to a volcano! Visuals get a 8/10

Sound/music: Boulder dash has simple, but effective audio. the music is simple, yet catchy, and the sound's work perfectly, but you may learn to hate the death sound. I give sound and music an 9/10

Overall: Boulder dash is a fun, but infuriating at time's game that anyone can enjoy, so even if you hate Rockford for abandoning his dear old dad you will want to help him on his quest! 9/10

Reviewer's Score: 9/10


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