Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout Kemco 1990 43 percent (Sought After)

"What's up, Doc?"

Well, after I decided to dust off my good ol' NES, I found my copy of Bugs Bunny: Birthday Blowout. When I was a kid I loved this, and it seems that I still do. One does not grow out of good games, I'm afraid.

Graphics -
For an NES game the graphics were good. They seemed to really bring it to life - or, as close to life as you can get with a cartoon character. The character designs seem great. Not perfect, but they were almost flawless. The colours of the levels and characters were great. They were nice and bright, while not too distracting or ugly to look at. The levels themselves are crafted to the point of excellence. The flaws were few and far between with the backgrounds, which was a pleasant surprise. The foreground graphics were also very good. The colours were good; while they did not distract you, they weren't too bland. Dare I be so bold to say that they are perfect? Yes, I do dare.

Sound -
Another defining factor of a game is the sound. Back in the days of the NES, the sounds were incredibly basic. Some ''do do do,'' here and there, they were done. Needless to say, it does get a little annoying. The case does not change in Birthday Blowout. The sounds were pretty basic, so there's no need to go into detail.

Controls -
Dude, it's the NES... There's only 'A' and 'B'. How can you give the controls anything other than 10? Well... Sometimes controls can be a little slow responding, but I don't see any such problem in Birthday Blowout.

Gameplay -
This is just a basic platformer, really. It might not be a Sonic or a Mario, but it is good nonetheless. The basic idea is go to through levels collecting carrots (which, when collected, will turn into little 'Warner Bros.' squares). You get a sledgehammer to hit enemies with. A terribly fun concept. But... uhm... don't do it in real life, 'kay kids?

Fun Factor -
The fun factor is through the roof. If you're into 'old skool' games, then this is a game for you. There are a lot of things to keep you busy with in this. And if you're a mom or dad, make sure to get this game for your kids. It's guaranteed that they will be very happy with this game.

Replay Value -
Well, this kind of depends. If you're a platform fan, then this could be close to unlimited. If you're a casual platformer (like me), then after beating the games a few times you'll let it collect dust for the next... oh, eight years. Of course, in eight years, you do get to have a lot of fun with it again.

Rent or Buy?
The game's probably about $15 to buy, so buy it. I highly doubt that you will find this game to rent anywhere, anyway.

The Numbers -

Graphics: 10
Sound: 7
Controls: 10
Gameplay: 9
Fun Factor: 10
Replay Value: 7

Reviewer's Score: 9/10


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