"Baseball and cyborgs...this is definitely different..."

Another baseball game found its way into my library, and at first I was a little skeptical of the way that it might pan out when compared to other games. In the genre, Iíve played several different baseball games that have ranged from the impressive to the exceptionally boring and this is on the higher side of exceptional. Although this game is far from perfect, Base Wars has a certain flare that sets it slightly higher than the rest of the average pack and keeps the game fairly intact. While I canít recommend this game to just any gamer, those who love games that have fallen into the contact sport range will probably fall in love with this one.

Base Wars is a game that is a hybrid between baseball and Weapon Lord. You have several different teams that you can choose from, all of which have their strengths and weakness depending on who you decide to choose. What makes this game so different from the rest is that you can play this game and have fun with it, but also break the rules in the style of Mutant League games. Bases are not safe from stealing and you might end up on the wrong end of a sword if youíre not careful, but all of these things come together to make for one hell of a game.

The play of Base Wars works just like the regular baseball games that weíve all played at some point or another on the NES. The difference here is that the teams are no longer human, but rather giant robots of different shapes and sizes as well as fighting ability. When you start playing, the game starts out just like it would with any other baseball game, but you will soon find yourself stealing bases and fighting with the baseman to gain control of it. As strange as this sounds, it is actually a ton of fun when you get the hang of it and start getting into fights simply to score points.

This is not to say that the rules of baseball do not apply because they do in spades here. When you gain three strikes, you will be out or when you take on four balls, then you will walk to the base accordingly. However, when you get up to bat, and the ball flies fair without being caught, then you will find yourself running for the base and attempting to gain another one. The fun starts when the baseman meets you and duels you in order to get the base. Each of the players in the game has a particular weapon that gives you either an advantage or a disadvantage according to what you are using and what the opponent has.

The other options in the game revolve around exhibition games and the actual pennant play, both of which follow the same form as other baseball games. You will find that editing out your team is probably the best way to do things before you start the pennant play, but in the long run any of the teams will work for your benefit. The combat in the game is dictated by which buttons you happen to press and how much damage you can deliver on your opponent. If you happen to beat down your opponent, then you will gain a base, or even a run in homerun which is interesting compared to the normal baseball games.

Control really has nothing to do with this game and you will find that it follows the same standards as any other game out there in the NES library. Base Wars tends to move and work faster than most other baseball games, so you will have to deal with the speed change accordingly. Pitching is easy enough to do and you simply hold down the button to charge up the ball and then release to throw it. Batting works the same way in which you line up and keep your eye on the ball for the perfect sweet spot hit to gain that homerun that you might be looking for.

The visuals of Base Wars isnít exactly the most polished in the library, but you will find that the use of the robots instead of humans is a refreshing change of pace. When you start playing, you will notice that you only have one stadium and there is plenty of open space and bright colors to greet your eyes. The up close details are pretty amazing when batting or pitching, but the outfield details have plenty to be desired. Players tend to look a little too stiff and drawn in for my tastes in this area and you will find that once the game camera does itís work, they all look a little too blurry.

The audio here is upbeat and holds the theme of futuristic baseball with an iron grip. I didnít find anything more than just one theme playing through all of the innings that you play, so donít expect much else other than a standard baseball anthem. The sound effects are more static than they are audible, so you might be a little turned off by this problem. Most of the fighting consists of thuds and clangs and those tend to get lost in the background noise as well, so you might want try and keep in mind that this is an older game with some smaller glitches.

Base Wars is a decent game that is slightly different than the rest of the pack in terms of what it features as an action-baseball hybrid game. You will find that there is plenty of battles and games to be had here and the options in the game will allow you to have fun no matter what you choose. All in all, this is a game that is most noteworthy because of its use of the national pastime and the fact that it has combat robots fighting all over the place. Baseball game fans will find this to be a wonderful diversion from the other NES baseball games out there in terms of speed and game play, but the visuals and the audio leave something to be desired.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10


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