"I never liked Baseball till I played this game...of course I still don't."

Ok, so if I don't like baseball why am I ginving this game a 10? Well, the things that make up this game were done well, but we'll discuss that more fully here. I never liked baseball until I played this game, and though I still don't care for the sport I like this game. But let's get on with the review. Let's talk about the...
Control 10-10. Very simple to learn and usually responsive. Swing your bat or throw the ball with A. I don't remember all the basics (it's been a while since I played it), but I remember having alot of fun here. Now, let's discuss the...
gameplay 10-10. Hit ball, run to base while avoiding other team. Throw ball to other team and try to tag batter out and not hit player with ball. Yes, you can hit one of the other players with the ball. I'm not sure, but someone (the guy who gave me the game), once told me that if you do that often enough you can start a fight between a few players. Now let's learn about the...
Audio 10-10. The first and to my knowledge, the only baseball game with background music during the game. There are about three songs that play depending on which team's up to bat and stuff, and they're all pretty groovin'. Then there are a few songs for when it switches to the other team's turn to bat. My favorite is the title theme, it's way better than the music in Major League Baseball. The SFX are pretty neat (also better than those in MLB in my opinion so don't flame me), complete with the Umpire speaking. If a player swings and successfully makes it to the base he'll say safe. He also calls out the other stuff, balls, strikes and outs. If someone gets tagged he'll say out, although for the longest time I thought he was saying ouch! I actually had to have someone correct me on that. The NES has never produced what one would call realistic speach, but in this game it's pretty good.If you hit one of the other players with a ball, that player'll say ow, and if that rumor I heard was true he'll start a fight!
Story ?? Nope, just play ball! That's the story! It's not like Base Wars where you sometimes have to fight to win! Oh yeah, and that game also had BGM...Pretty cool BGM if I remember.
Overall 10-10. A fun game, even if you're not into baseball. It's fun to pretend like the Ump's saying ouch, and possibly provoking a few players to fight!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10

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