"A jellybean eating blob...what's next...a fat plumber stomping on turt....ummm..."

This is another case of running into a game that really doesnít have a rule set, nor does it have much of a purpose but to explore and find what you can. Boy and his Blob is a game that requires you to think and use different tools in order to gain money and head off to rescue an alien blob princess. Although I canít make out one iota of the storyline and there are some holes in the game play, there is something to be said about a game that features non-linear game play and plenty of inventive tools. If you want a game that will make you think and forces you to be careful with your inventory, then youíve come to the right game.

The portion of this game that will make most people tilt their head is the fact that you have a small blob that follows you around everywhere. When you come to a certain point where you think that you can use the blob in a certain way, then you need to find the right jellybean to feed it. While that doesnít seem too hard, you have to remember, or at least write down these mixtures in order to conserve your beans for later use. My guess is that the difficulty of the game is simply to remember what to use and where to use it in order to get the best effect.

As Iíve said before, the play of the game really doesnít force you to do anything but solve a myriad of puzzles that range from the obvious use of a tool to something that takes a little more thought. When you come across something that might be important, then you would think about what tool would help you the most in your quest. Once you have that figured out, then you select the jellybean for the job and feed it to the blob, which will turn into a different tool each time. The only problem with this is, is that you really have to think about what it is that will do the trick instead of wasting the bean.

The blob is an interesting tool of choice for a game like this and adds a little bit of uniqueness to the game that I really havenít found in another NES game as of this writing. The blob will follow you everywhere, and there is a combination of beans that will get you different effects to help you out. A problem with the blob is that it moves exceptionally slow and your character runs at such a high speed that you might leave the poor fellow behind. If that happens to you, then you have to go back and find the little bugger before you can continue on with your quest.

For a good portion of the game, you will have to run around and find items that are essential to your quest as well as money. The money is good for something, but the items will help you get to the last portion of the game to save the princess. Although the plot of the story doesnít really tell you what these items are for, they must be important because you will spend a few hours just searching around for them in various locations. Just remember that the beans are a select lot and you will have to use them carefully in places because if you happen to run out of the right bean at the wrong time, then youíll be stuck and have to start over.

Control doesnít come into play unless youíre trying to feed the blob some beans. The blob stays within a character length away from you and you might need to position yourself accordingly so you donít overthrow. Calling the blob with a whistle is easy enough to do and cycling through the beans takes a press of the select button. Some of the controls with the tools that the blob turns into could have been tweaked just a little in order to get the desired effect such as the trampoline and even the rocket has no control. In the long run, itís trial and error that will get the best effect of these tools for you.

Visually, Boy and His Blob is a sound game with minimal details on the characters and most of the locations that you travel through. From time to time, you will have backdrops that are rather amazing and will catch your eye, such as the first few minutes of the game. However, you will find that running back and forth in these locations will quickly wear on your eyes because you will see the same backgrounds several times while youíre playing. The effects of the Blob are actually pretty interesting and you will find that there are some interesting animations for the different tools that you receive and even the feeding toss is neat to look at.

The audio here is extremely cute and is really basic for all intents and purposes. You will find that the game takes on a lighthearted tone from the very beginning and there really isnít much of a change from place to place as you move through the game. There are some interesting effects that come with the blob effects, but they are limited and they donít last long enough to get a real impression. I would suppose that the programmer in this instance wanted the game to sound simple to match the visual presentation, but they do the job if you listen close enough.

Boy and His Blob is an interesting game that features plenty of puzzles and exploration to keep you busy and up for hours on end. There is a bit of strategy that is involved here, so you will have to be on the look out for the right tools for the job and not get stuck someplace. The presentation in the sensory portions of the game really isnít that bad, but it can be a little barren at times with the audio. If you want a game that is a little off the beaten track and really doesnít match much else on the NES, then you might find a home with Boy and His Blob.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10

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