Super Glove Ball Mattel 1990 30 percent (Common)

Holding large balls in your hand isn't that bad..."

Given the years of NES gaming that I have under my belt, I'm constantly shocked when a game isn't really noted for much other then one major problem that wasn't even the game's fault. I'm talking about the worthless invention that at the time seemed like a good idea, the Power Glove. It was one of the view marketing ideas that Nintendo got wrong. And the main power of this disaster? Super Glove Ball. Since I NEVER TOUCHED THE POWER GLOVE AND NEVER WILL to play this game, I got lucky. Did you by playing this?


Ok, this was the true nature of the game: The Power Glove. Ok, I like the planning, but no thank you. I say forget the Power Glove, put your hand in a 3-D world and use a ball to hit tiles. On paper, doesn't work, but this really was the first true 3-D game on the NES. It doesn't work on paper, but hey, give them an A for effort: 7/10


You basically use your hand and a bunch of floating balls to attack things. To make sure your attacks continue, you have to both bounce balls off your hand, and at times hold onto the ball for a limited amount of time, then letting it go and hit things up. Yeah… despite the, things I'm not allowed to write in the review, you also can throw fire balls from your fingers. Ok, sounds dumb I admit, but it works well. 10/10


Do yourself a favor, throw away the Power Glove and use the NES pad. Simple, one button holds the balls and lets them go, while one button fires the fire balls. Both are limited, and when you run out, you're dead. One button moves forward and back, and of course the D-Pad moves up, down, left, and right. And to be honest, this works well and I like how the style is. 10/10


I must admit, this game actually pulls off the 3-D style in a 2-D gaming system very well. Depth is just as well done as length and width, and the mid section goes from tiles to water-like to lightning bolts hitting you to your death. But the problem is the colors are all the same for the most part in each area of the game. And I don't mean just the areas, but the enemies as well. I do like the idea of 3-D, but the same colors over and over in one area, bland. Oh well, can't win them all. 6/10


I'll be fair, there's a few good tracks in this game, even though it won't be much since there's only 6 pieces of music in this game. Everything else sounds ok, the banging of the tiles and the explosions going on left and right. But what's with the fire ball attack sounding thing? Well, it's not the greatest, but it's got just enough. 5/10


You end up in a space maze and have to find you way out by using some ship that's shaped like a hand, kill a wizard, a shark, and a iron lion to win. You don't even hear any of this in game, you'd have to read the book. But the ‘space maze' looks like a maze you get in a children's book. Odd… but it works maybe. 9/10

Replay Value:

This is sadly one of those one and done type games. There's only one way to go even though there's tons of game to explore, all you do is go in the same direction. Which is the sad thing about this game. I mean it's a good idea to be one-way in a large maze, but shouldn't there be reasons to go though these areas? Not here. This is the weakest part of the game sadly. 2/10

Fun Factor:

I enjoy one thing: There are a large amount of places to explore. Even if you can get a straight-forward direction, there's still a few things I did like. I liked the idea of the game's 3-D idea and maybe, even without the Power Glove, it's creative idea is enjoyable. Problem: They put this in a too straight-forward and unrewarding progression though the game. It stays with what you got. Sucks, but the best thing is that it's a Power Glove idea, or maybe the worst… 6/10


Starts slow, ends hard. I will admit that even though the game's easy, it gets tougher in stage two, and ever more in stage 3. That's all good considering that you have a few power-ups to at least give you a hand. The bad news, like I said, lose your weapons, lose the game. At least though, you can have things come to you. Hard at a somewhat steady pace. 8/10


Almost none. The only factor that really made the fandom big is the Power Glove, which puts down the game out to pasture. If it weren't for the Power Glove, no one would really know much about this game. But oh well. 3/10

Over-all Rating:

There's flaws, stupid ideas, and disappointing finishes, but it's not at all as bad as it could have, or even should have been. I personally like the ideas of the game, and it does well to be used in the fashion that not just the idea for the game was revolutionary, but the game itself was. Long story short, it could have been way worse if the game was every bit like the Power Glove: Straight-Forward and slow, but instead, only the direction of the game was straight-forward, while the only thing slow is the lack of help this game does get.

69 out of 100.

If it were slightly smarter or more balanced, I'd say it's a classic, but make it a typical game that has the most perverted idea ever… and don't ask about the rating please.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10

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