Hoops Jaleco 1989 13 percent (Very Common)

"Jammin' it in!"

Very rarely have there ever been basketball games with a playground theme to them. That is, you play half court one on one or two on two on an empty basketball court in a city park. Hoops was one of those games, and while it does have a couple of flaws, it still sinks in rather smoothly.

Graphics: 9/10
The characters have different sizes, hair colors, skin colors, etc. If you want more detail, check out their profile screens. Although the courts pretty much look all the same, with the graffiti and stuff, the close-up 'jam cam' is very good, complete with the opponent going in to try to swat the dunk away. It would have been nice, though, if we could have seen some post shot celebrations.

Sounds: 8/10
Average 8-bit fare. Nothing too exciting nor too boring. While you wouldn't expect to hear the squeaking of the players' sneakers on the wooden floor or the crowd cheering while you were on a playground, there really isn't too much gameplay sound to speak of on the other hand either way. Too bad we couldn't have heard things like cars honking as they go by, or other city noises like that.

Controls: 10/10
At least the smooth controls allow you to control your player with ease, allowing you to shoot, pass, and dunk with style. You can also steal with ease or interfere with a shot to throw them off balance a little without worrying about penalties, although there are a few intact. They are:

Charging: Player posessing the ball mustn't run into a defensive player.

Traveling: If you jump while you are holding the ball, you must let go before your feet touch the ground.

Pushing: Defensive players mustn't play too rough against the offense.

Out-of-bounds: Self-explanatory.

I would have liked to see maybe the ability to perform an intentional foul, but this is Nintendo, what do you expect?
Also, seeing free throws after comitting too many fouls would have been nice as well.

Replay: 9/10
You can do a one-on-one game against a friend or the computer, or try a two-on-two series with your favorite players against the computer's players. If you win a game, you get a password, and then move on to try the next pair of opponents. While there's no single player series mode, it's nice to know that they still gave it some attention. It's kind of like an early version of NBA Jam, if you will, only with fewer characters at that.

Overall: 8/10
If you're a fan of arcade style basketball, then I might suggest drafting Hoops for the starting lineup. While it's not the best of the best, it's still got potential to be a definite winner.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10

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