RBI Baseball Tengen 1988 18 percent (Very Common)

"This game still overshadows current baseball video games"

RBI Baseball: An Essential multiplayer NES game...

There's only one thing that makes this game one of the better baseball games still to date which is:


Phenomenal. Quick learning curve (just practice on timing). When looking at other baseball games, they simply don't have the fluid motions that this game has. Other NES baseball games (MLB or NES Basebal–to name a couple) don't even come close to the gameplay. Granted, the controls are essentially the same but if you have played other baseball games on the NES you will understand the difference. There just seems to be a lot more freedom in this game than in other baseball games. It's somewhat difficult to explain but you have a lot more control in this game. You are able to move around independently from other positions, but there is some restriction to this rule albeit a preferred restriction. That is, all the outfielders move when you are controlling them as do the shortstops and the infielders. But this shouldn't deter anyone because it is a helpful variable. Basically this game has much much more ''move-ability.''

Everything Else

Similar to other NES games but with slight differences.
One: All the players are white
Two: All the players are at least 300 pounds, but that just makes the game funnier.
Three: I don't even have to tell you how gratifying it is to hit a home-run in this game especially off the old-time great pitchers (Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux and Saberhagen is just so good that he usually gets banned during heated competitive play amongst friends–it's that damn sidearm of his, it's so capricious you don't know if you're swinging the high heat or readying for a bean ball (which is also fun to do because the sound of it reminds me of some muted percussion instrument circa 1977). Also that sense of gratification is tripled when you hit a ball out of the park. It just disappears into the darkness.
Four: It's Tengen and that's always good (don't you just love it sleek cartridge design??)
Five: The baseball moves a lot better in this game than others.

• Gameplay (can't emphasize that more)
• Pitchers (nostalgic reasons if you grew up in that decade)
• Fluid controls
• Insurmountable replayability
• Unbelievably addictive for two players
• The crowd becomes a human strobe light when there's a homerun
• Fat players

• Why is Kirby Puckett white??
• Where's Chicago???

• Graphics (obviously rudimentary, but better than other baseball video games.
• Sound (very Tengen-esque but I love that bean ball)


I was lucky to have my roommate find this game in his warped wooden cabinet in his Kansas City garage covered in dust. I was even luckier to see it worked in my NES.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10

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