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"10 yards? There's more than 10 yards! Or is there something I don't know? Hmmmm"

10 Yard Fight. The innovative football game. The green field, the smell of dew, and the sound of feet pummeling the ground as your tiny sprites get ready to conquer the world in their daring quest for football stardom. And with a kick of the ball, the pressure is on! A struggle between your valiant team and the evil warriors on the other side. The pounding of the player's hearts, the blinding fury of the team as they try to reach their ultimate goal: A touchdown. Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration, but 10 Yard Fight is still a nice little game. One of the first football games to come out onto the market, 10YF took a different approach to the normal idea of a football game. Instead of playing the traditional way, you’d play with a more arcade feel to it. The score system has been totally stripped down and changed. The yard system has been tinkered with. But one may long for the basic way to play, with more realistic scores and the ability to play defense against the CPU. 10YF still holds its own though, and let us see why

---Control (10/10) Excellent and easy to use
Solid controls without any problems. Running is accomplished quite easily as one could imagine, and passing couldn’t be better. There really is nothing much to say here, other than hats off to the well done controls.

---Gameplay (6/10) The NEW way to play football
Right from the get-go you have the option of selecting either 1 player mode or 2 player mode. As I played this game, I had no friends to play with, so let's just leave 2-player mode out of this. It's pretty much the same as 1 Player Mode, only with 4 quarters. You are immediately put into a high school game, and the ball is kicked to you. What do you know, the other 9 or so players surround you in a rectangular pattern and go wherever you go. As you start to move, you notice the slow movement of your character, as opposed to the quick movement of the defense. As you run up the field, 5 men from the other vile, demonic, and putrid team run at you. From this point, they attempt to break through the defense and tackle you to the ground. When that happens, the referee comes out and blows his whistle This is the description of the beginning of the game. There is no selection of teams, there is no selection of field, hell, there's no selection of Season, Playoffs, etc. Just a dunk into the action right there. Not that this is a bad thing, but more variety would be nice. As you are running up the field with your cohorts, the other team tries to stop your progress. This is where good footwork comes in and you must try to block them off. But when you are mercilessly knocked down, the referee comes out and jumps up and down, blowing his whistle. And that is how the game starts up.

The players are all lined up now, you with the ball, prepared to hike it. Some guy is walking across. With a press of the button, you hike the ball and the game is in action! You now have the decision to either RUN or PASS the ball to someone else. If you run, you have to use some good footwork to avoid the onslaught of the other team. If you pass, the ball will head toward another player. But sometimes the ball will be intercepted. But wait a minute; you just go 20 yards back! This is the first sign that this game ain't like the rest. Yes, this game has some interesting ideas not found in your average football game. First off, the scoring system is much different. You get 20 points for every 5 yards you run up the field. After a play, you are given some more points. And if you make a first down (yes, there are the standard downs in this game), you get many points depending on how many downs it took to earn it. If you do get an interception or a turnover on downs, you will instead go back 20 or 10 yards, respectively. This is because you will never play defense against the CPU. Quite a downer.

You are only 10 yards away from the touchdown zone. You see that 58 out of 60 of your minutes have drained (this makes 2 minutes for all you non-math types out there.) With a hike of the ball, you make a feeble attempt at running the ball into the touchdown zone. But you are tackled inches away, and the clock runs out. The screen turns black, and the words ''Game Over'' appear on the screen. ''Why is that?'' you ask frantically. After all, it's not like that was the only game your team would play, even if they didn't score, right? RIGHT? 10 Yard Fight finds its flaw in the fact that you must score a touchdown every game to advance. It is not a challenge the first couple of times, but the amount of time you have to do so decreases about 10 minutes every time. This means by the second half of the high school game, there is 50 minutes left, and by college, you've got 40 minutes! This would be the factor that gives this game some challenge. It would be better to compete against the CPU for the most points, but this is the formula they stuck with. But now let's say you actually DID score the touchdown (oh goody!)

With the passing of the ball, your anonymous team scores. The referee comes out and sings your praises, and now it's time to kick a field goal. Unfortunately, you scored on the far left side, and this is where you must kick. The arrow heads in front of the field goal posts way too late, and you end up not scoring. What a shame. Field goals are not intended to be based on luck, but that is what happens. Whatever side of the field you scored the touchdown from, that is the side you will be kicking the field goal from. Depending on where you stand, the field goal could be as easy as spotting an infomercial for the AB-Belt, or as hard as spotting quality entertainment on PBS. The field goal system is a blue arrow that moves slowly back and forth. When it is in front of the goal post, that's the time to kick the ball!

And now a bit about that referee. There's something eerie about that guy. As he heads for the field, he takes his sweet time, wasting precious seconds. And he seems angry all the time, judging by the stomping of his feet. And he also has no respect for humanity! If a player is lying on the ground in the referee's standing spot, he will run ONTO the player and jump all over him! What a mean referee!
That just about sums up the gameplay for 10 Yard Fight. By now I think you have a good idea of what it's like

---Graphics (3/10) At least the field is green!
Yes, that’s right, unlike someone in design may have wanted, the field is the color green. No purple with pink polka dots for him! Anyway, the text in 10YF is blocky, and the numbers are scrunched together, but they are easy to read. Meanwhile the players all have orange skin and some sort of white thing on their heads. I can’t imagine these football junkies going out on digital dates, they’d be shunned by every girl in the video game world (well, except those who like football players, but we’re getting off track here.) Meanwhile the actual football is shaped like a football and is brown like a football, so it works in my book. The graphics are still really ugly, and nothing will change that. But at least they don’t hamper the gameplay at all.

---Audio (5/10) Irritating: A one-word description. Also see: Bland
The audio in this game is very basic. It is hard to rate a standard “beep” in a game, but the beeps here aren’t exactly annoying. What is annoying would have to be the audience clap (fuzzy) and the little music there is (not necessary) But I guess I have little to say here as well.

---Replay Value (Moderate) It's not exactly begging you for more
10 Yard Fight is not the kind of game you spend every waking moment thinking about playing, nor is it the kind of game you spend every waking moment thinking about smashing into little pieces. It's right in between. You will want to play to perfect your score and see how far you can get, but you’ll be shunned away by the slight difficulty.

---Overall (7/10) A game worth your time
10 Yard Fight mixed arcade action with football, and the results are worthwhile. Check out this innovative and fun little football game when you get the chance. You most likely will find some entertainment in it.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10

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