John Elway's Quarterback Tradewest 1989 24 percent (Common)

"Poor graphics and sound, but somehow manages to be fun"

The graphics are poor. The sounds, as well as the colors, are dull. The control is as responsive as any NES game. And yet this game still manages to be entertaining to a certain extent.

You start out by choosing one of fourteen different (supposedly) NFL teams. And despite choosing your team, you and your opponent are always red and blue. Pretty lame in my opinion. The apparent lack of a player's license keeps any pros out of the game. On offense, you choose from one of nine plays, such as the bomb or post. On defense, you choose one of six plays, such as the blitz or zone. One interesting feature that wasn't in many football games at this time is the option to reverse your play, which adds a bit more depth to the playing field.

The passing is however a bit awkward. When your quarterback drops back, you press and hold the B button. A little arrow appears. You are supposed to move the arrow over the receiver you want to throw to and let go. However, throwing to a receiver that is directly in front of you, which requires pressing up on the control pad, lures you directly into the defensive line-men, which inevitably leads to a sack. My other complaint with this game are the annoying "siren-like" noises that go off every two plays or so. It is very annoying.

As for the computer AI, it's rather....stupid. In writing this review, I chose my team and left the game on. I haven't touched the controller. And all the computer has managed to get has been two points off a safety. Keep in mind that I have not touched the controller; just left the game running. So novices shouldn't have too much trouble with this game. Die-hard video game football fans will be disgusted with 60-0 wins over the computer, but will enjoy some of the depth in this game.

This game falls short in many categories. However, seeing in it for 49 cents at your local Funcoland or other used video game store should prompt a sale.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10

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