Pinbot Nintendo 1990 20 percent (Very Common)

One of the greatest pinball machine to game conversions...ever...."

Having picked up the new Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection game (Which I highly recommend you pick up) I realized how much fun Pinball was after all of these years. One of the tables seemed familiar though, the "Pin*Bot" table stuck out in my mind. Questions and statements began going through my head:
"Why does this seem familiar..."
"I remember this being a little more barbaric..."
"Why the Hell am I getting such a high score?!"

And that's when it hit me. I owned the NES game Pinbot and it all made sense.

When Pinbot (NES) was released, it was entering a market of uncertainty. Pretty much every Pinball sim before it...well, with lack of a better word...sucked. Not because the tables were horribly converted, but because of the ball physics. Even Nintendo's own Pinball game was not that great when it came to...Ball physics (It's ok to laugh). However, Rare pulled up their pantaloons and released a game that, for it's time, was the greatest pinball conversion ever made.

The game starts out with some of the best 8-Bit music ever...and I mean ever. It's catchy, science fiction...ey, and extraordinarily well done. You then get the opening "cinematic" which is just a robot lady...that appears to be quite scantily clad...Hmmm, ball physics and scantily clad women...I'm not going to comment. After that picture you get the main menu where you get to choose how many players you want. I never really picked 4 players...same with 3 or 2, I always thought Pinball should stay a single player experience. Once you press start the game begins and that's when you hear the voice.

For those who don't know, Pin*Bot's premise is this you have to reach the Sun from Pluto, you get these movements when you hit specified targets. What made this table so damn cool though was the futuristic music (NES Had that down), and the Robot head in the center that would make comments. When I hit start on my NES controller many years ago, I was not expecting a miracle conversion of the talking, let alone the talking making it into the final product. All hope was saved when I heard the voice.

Let me say though that while the voice made it...a lot of the times you will be asking yourself "What the Hell did I just hear?" Trust me, it happened to me, however hearing the good ole fashioned "Now I See You." was still as clear as water.

However, I forgave it just because it made the table seem that more realistic. Talking about realism the ball physics in this game is absolutely astounding. Even today it still manages to hold up. Realistic movements off bumpers, hitting ramps, etc. It all felt the same way on the original Table and that's what counts. Not only that but the table looks BEAUTIFUL! In 8-Bit times, this was astounding. Everything from the bumpers to the robot head to the lights and the sounds of the table, it was perfect.

Well...nearly perfect. The only problem I have with it is the way the screen moves. To me, it's kind of disorienting. The screen would only keep the bottom fifth of the screen, to be exact where the flippers are, and when you nail a ball straight up, it keeps that bottom intact so you know where the ball is going. All is good except I sometimes would get a headache when the ball would come down. Since I kept my eye on it, the screen would move rather quickly, and when it the ball finally reaches the bottom half of the screen it would suddenly stop, giving me a slight disorientation. But you pulled through because it was that damn good!

If this ever comes to the Virtual Console you owe it to yourself to download it. It's fun, and it'll only be 5 bucks which is an absolute bargain! This game was the closest representation of the cabinet until Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection came out, but I don't care. I have a part of me that belongs to Pinbot on the NES.


Reviewer's Score: 9/10

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