Play Action Football Nintendo 1990 13 percent (Very Common)

"A great football game for the NES plagued by poor player movement"

Graphics: 8: To today's standards these graphics are crap, but for the NES graphics in 1990 they were top of the line for Nintendo. They have a nice play book setup. And they have pictures of all the players in the game. The game had a unique 3/4 view that only it's sequel, Super Play Action Football, attempted before. There are even nicely done cinematics for victories, interceptions, and quarterback sacks.

Sound: 8: The game had great use of voice during the game where the quarterback talks, "Ready, Set, Hut" and ref voices of "Firstdown" and "Touchdown" and "It's Good." On the downside their was an annoying background music during gameplay.

Gameplay: 7: The gameplay was great. It was one of the first football games to feature substitutions. Their was a password feature to save your progress in the Power Bowl mode(sort of like season mode, but you have to win every game). There was even a compiled stats screen for your running yards, passing yard, TD's, etc. The only downside to gameplay was that the players ran slowly across the field(i.e. it'd take a running back 2 minutes to run 80 yards into the endzone)

Replay Value: 8: It was one of the few NES football games to feature a 4-player mode where you can have 3vs1, 2vs2, or 4vsCom. This feature added lots of replay vaulue because you can invite your friends over for a football gamer frenzy! The game featured actual NFL players like Joe Montana, Steve Young, Warren Moon, Mark Rypien, and other for 8 teams.(Unfortunately the game had no NFL team license)

Overall Score: 8: Overall a pretty good football game for the NES with the exception of slow player movement. Definitely a collector's choice if you're collecting NES memorbillia.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10

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