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Sony Playstation 2


Touted as the Sixth Generation console system which replaced the Playstation One from the Sony Corporation. It debuted in Japan in 2000. It fought agains the Sega Dreamcast for console dominance. Why should someone buy a playstation 2? Well with a library coming up to around 2000 titles sound like a gaming system you would be interested in?

The console can read both CD's and DVD's. It can play your old Playstation One games without an adapter. It uses the same controllers as the Playstation One so, you could argue it is the first "green" computer system. It is dual shock compatible and has internet and online capacity.

Granted you had to buy the NETWORK ADAPTER separately, but it was definitely worth it if you wanted to kick some butt online. It has a linux upgrade for any geeks out there who enjoy that kind of stuff. (I actually have a Linux kit in stock). With the ethernet socket you can run a LAN type system and kick some butt locally as well..

You will find different versions of this system. One is the FAT system and the other is the SLIM version. It makes a big difference and certain MOD chips will work only on certain systems. The generic version of this system is JET BLACK. With that said, there are many many Limited editions released for this system and at the end of production were making Silver editions as the generic system.


The slimline version was a revision that made the system much more streamlined, smaller and less noisy. It also had a built in ethernet connection. It could not use the hard drive expansion due to its slimmed down features. Thus if you wanted to play Final Fantasy 11 on a slimline, you could not. You also could not use the Linux system upgrade due to its lack of expansion slots.



playstation 2

FAT PLAYSTATION 2 (Can use expanded HD and Linux kit)


slim playstation 2