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Since I grew up through the Golden Age of Videogames. I have seen all the systems come and go. I have been an avid collector and Gamer for over 30 years. There is not much that I haven't seen or played up to this point.



Selling Videogames is not my Primary Employment as the President of Super Classic Videogames web site and Game store. I actually have a full time job outside of this internet company. I started this site to be a benefit of videogame preservation. I am very active in the internet community and have contributed a lot to the preservation of classic gaming. Its an important fact that gaming consoles and games that were produced are now a part of history and it is our job to preserve them. I encourage you to become active and do the same for the preservation of these wonderful systems.. Fifty years from now, someone wil want to play Zelda or Super Mario Brothers. It is up to us to allow them the same joy that we receive by playing these games.

I should also note that I have primarily been focusing on Limited Edition Consoles. These consoles are basically the same internally as the basic console systems, but have been produced in limited quantities and thus are much harder to come by. I travel to Japan quite frequently and still have many deep connections in Japan to help assist my business. If your looking for unique and hard to come by imported consoles, you have hit the gravy train. I have been disappointed in the past looking at various websites and seeing what was available. Most sites have very limited selections. The best site clearly has been auction sites, such as Ebay. I use Ebay and have a store set up at that site for general purposes. I actually will eventually focus more at my website and use the paypal cart system and eliminate my Ebay store, except for few items.

I will always try to maintain good relations with my customers. I am very aware of the many scam artists on the internet. Please do not waste your time or my time if you want to contact me for a different way to pay for my products. I am not interested in foreign currency,cheques, or money orders. This site will basically be all Paypal, for protection of both the seller (me) and the buyer (you). This may change in the future, but I want to make sure that scammers do not deplete my store and not allow all the honest people to get a chance to own a little bit of history. Please make yourself at home and please come often. I will be updating this site fairly frequently. Also of note, In the near future we will be using to allow face to face questions and customer service. I feel this is a great way to improve the quality of service. Please enjoy my site!!


Your Fellow Gamer,


"Action Jackson" Alan





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